Pass the Cornflakes!

cornflakes.jpgThere is almost nothing better than to start out the day with a box of just-opened corn flakes with milk. There is a freshness there that other cereals can barely match. If you are a corn flakes fan, too, you may be interested to know that Kellogg’s corn flakes were invented exactly a hundred years ago in Battle Creek, MI by W.K. Kellogg.

As you probably know, his invention was a pure accident. He was trying to making something else and someone left the drier or oven on too long and suddenly there was this new thing that turned into corn flakes (or petals de Mais in French). A whole industry was spawned and the way Americans ate breakfast was changed forever. There has always been a rooster affiliated with those Kellogg’s corn flakes for as long as I can remember and so this year we can also celebrate that corn flakes mascot, Cornelius!

By the way, it has struck me how innovations sometimes seem to come in batches. In a truly serendipitous moment, G.W. Maxwell invented the paper milk carton out in San Francisco in 1906 too. I blogged earlier about Mr. Peanut turning 100 this year. Back in 2003, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of some incredible manufacturing innovations: the first commercial air conditioning installed by Willis Carrier, the founding of Ford Motor Company, the first manned flight by the Wright Brothers and the first Harley Davidson motorcycle. Imagine that, all in one year.