One Manufacturer Doing His Part for World Peace

By July 1, 2006General

You know on this blog we love to talk about the great contributions and accomplishments of manufacturers. Well, we may have stumbled upon perhaps the greatest contribution of all: A manufacturer who is at the center of bringing peace to the world.

Forget the Middle East, forget Iraq, forget the Bloods and Crips (they still around?), the Jets and Sharks and all the various skirmishes out there. This manufacturer has focused on the issue that divides us — and has divided us — for decades. And he’s doing something about it.

We’ve written about Dick Kelch and his company, Ashton Plastics of Xenia, Ohio in this space before. He’s a curmudgeonly and irascible manufacturer who has seen his share of ups and downs in his 70+ years, but through it all has constantly soldiered on, worked hard and innovated his way out of every slump. We love him, he’s our kind of guy — a straight talker, a rock-solid American manufacturer. Through Ashton Home Products, Dick has invented a bunch of products for the home, including some aimed at seniors — to make every day tasks easier.

Dick Kelch has also invented The Peacemaker. We laughed out loud first time we saw it on his site a while ago — it’s so stinkin’ funny, but so stinkin’ dead-on great. Almost every household can use it, and if they did, peace would reign in the Kingdom. At least it would reign in ours.

Click here to see Dick Kelch’s “Peacemaker”. Just one manufacturer, doing his part for world peace.