More on the Society of Environmental Journalists

By July 24, 2006Global Warming

In writing the short piece about the House hearing this week continuing last week’s hearing which featured Dr. Edward Wegman, it got us thinking about the Society of Environmental Journalists, which we mentioned below. After all, they exist, “to…encourag[e] discussion and communication among journalists and the public regarding important environmental issues,” right? We figure that if they teach nothing else in J school, they teach budding journalists to always look for the different angle, not to run with the crowd. What better way to do that than to feature a respected professor who is questioning the statistical reliability of the famed “hockey stick” theory, thereby doubting a global warming commandment? Indeed one of their website features is the “TipSheet“, which according to them, “provides biweekly news tips to notify journalists of potential environmental stories and sources.” Wouldn’t you think this would be a whopper — especially in their universe?

So once again we moseyed on over to their website and typed “Wegman” into their search engine. Bupkiss.

Maybe somebody should drop them a note and get it on their screen.