MN Report: Energy — Uniformly More Expensive

By July 17, 2006Energy

When your business is uniform rentals for the workplace — including the cleaning and delivery of said uniforms — energy costs add up. How much? Last quarter, $11 million, reports NAM member G&K Services, Inc., representing an increase from 3 to 5 percent of their company’s sales over the last two years. In a piece in Sunday’s St. Paul Pioneer (MN) Press entitled, “Energy prices punch hole in profits,” reporter Jennifer Bjorhus covers the impact on Twin Cities-based businesses of the soaring costs of natural gas, electricity and transportation fuel. Another NAM member Bjorhus cites is Plymouth-based fertilizer manufacturer Mosaic, hit hard by more expensive natural gas, a major cost in the production of ammonia fertilizers.

We’d like to see more of this kind of coverage, because the reporting documents the real-world consequences of a national energy policy that limits domestic supply. The House has already responded by passing legislation to open up the Outer Continental Shelf to energy exploration. Keeping the tens of thousands of companies like G&K Services and Mosaic in mind, the Senate should follow suit.

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