Manufacturing on the National Mall

By July 10, 2006General

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Washington so we moseyed on down to the National Mall for the final day of the annual Smithsonian Festival of American Folklife. Who knew we would be bombarded with inspirational manufacturing images? We did! After all – manufacturing is everywhere.

OK, truth is, we really didn’t expect to see such a grand display of manufacturing prowess, but there it was. The Festival this year is celebrating the life and culture of Alberta, Canada, among other places, but a big part of the Alberta exhibit focuses on their huge energy industry. This, of course, drove the greenies nuts for a while. They even set up some pickets for a spell, but there were none to be seen yesterday.

What caught our eye first was this enormous Caterpillar truck, used at the huge Oil Sands project in Alberta. Actually, trucks four times this size are what they use at the oil sands energy project. We’ve been to the Cat plant in Peoria, where they make equipment this size and it really is a sight to behold. And, they export ’em all over the world. Here’s a photo of the blogger-in-chief in front of the truck. Note that “Caterpillar” name — one of the great American manufacturing brands. Right there on the National Mall.

To drive the enviros even more crazy, here’s a link to a page with some info about Alberta and a page about energy in Alberta and a page with some energy facts about Alberta. Among other things, you’ll discover that Alberta sends close to 90% of its exports to the US; has the world’s 2nd-highest proven oil reserves and is the largest foreign supplier of oil and gas to the US. Since the Congress won’t let us tap our own reserves yet, let’s hope Cat keeps hauling it out of Alberta.

A good day for energy and manufacturing, in the shadow of the Capitol. We were right proud to be there.