‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Manufacturing’

By July 6, 2006General

If you love manufacturing, then we hope you’re reading Superfactory, written by our friend Kevin Meyer. He was good enough to send us this link to the above-titled piece from their blog, written by his co-blogger, Bill Waddell. Consider it a belated Fourth of July gift from us to you, although Bill wrote it and posted it on the Fourth. It’s an interesting take on the founding of our country with a tie-in to some familiar themes from today. Says Bill:

“In retrospect, British manufacturers would have been far better off had they invested in manufacturing in their colonies – especially in North America – and pursued a strategy of manufacturing close to the customer.”

No doubt. Click here to read Bill’s post, click here for the Superfactory home page, and click here to read their blog, Evolving Excellence. It’s a must read for manufacturers and those who only dream.