It’s Recess — Get Crackin’

By July 6, 2006General

OK, Congress is out there living among you for this “District Work Period” (formerly known as “recess”). Remember to find them and talk to them about your pressing issues. Do they know how much your energy costs have soared? They should. Do they know how much your other costs have soared, like health care and compliance costs? You need to tell that story.

Remember, last week the House voted to tap our own resources before they left town. If you go to any public fora, you’ll hear your Member of Congress talk passionately about jobs and energy prices, etc. But the real test is whether they voted to decrease energy costs. Click here to see how your Member of Congress voted on this bill and then either plan on seeing them in person to thank them or to share your disappointment. Click here to drop them a note. Got any questions, need any help, drop us an e-mail.

No one can tell the story of manufacturing like manufacturers and their employees. Get busy — time’s a wastin’.