Is the Sierra Club Really Concerned About the Global Environment?

By July 10, 2006Energy

In last week’s WaPo article noting the passage of the DOER Act, allowing exploration of our own resources, the Sierra Club’s director of lands protection (wait, doesn’t the government do that…?) was quoted as carping about “dirty and dangerous” offshore exploration. Of course, it is neither. No matter.

In yesterday’s WaPo, there was a great letter to the editor from a John Poteet of Cookeville, Tennessee under the heading, “The Sierra Club, Wrong on Offshore Drilling.” It said in part:

“The director of lands protection for the Sierra Club should know the fundamental rule of environmental protection: Everything is connected. Prohibiting highly regulated drilling off U.S. coasts encourages less regulated drilling off the coasts of Cuba, Mexico and Venezuela.

In opposing this bill to end the ban, the Sierra Club is, in effect, voting for more oil tankers to carry more imported oil and natural gas to the U.S. market. That is a choice that is far more ‘dangerous and dirty’ than modern domestic production brought in by pipelines.”

This is a point we’ve made repeatedly here in the past. We first heard Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) make it many years ago. That is, if these so-called environmental groups were really concerned about the global environment, they’d want as much exploration as possible done here in the US, where we have the strictest environmental regulations of anywhere in the world. If this energy is not gotten from the US, it will be pulled out of somewhere else, with far less attention to the local environment.

And so we say to the Sierra Club that they should think globally but act locally. Let the environmetnally-safe exploration of our own resources begin.