Innovation: Vox: The Social Network By Invite Only

By July 31, 2006General

Last week, we were invited by our good friends at SixApart, the makers of LiveJournal, TypePad and MovableType (the latter of which powers this humble blog) for a preview of a new product set to launch later this year.

It’s called Vox, which for those a little rusty on their Latin, means “voice.”

One of the biggest growth areas of the Internet over the last 18 months have been the social networks and social networking software (blogging is but one piece of that larger picture).

There’s an interesting book called Bowling Alone by Robert Putnam who discusses the collapse and revival of the American community. Putnam’s thesis is that more American’s are doing more activities, but we’re not doing them in groups. We’re loners, in other words.

So, what is Vox and how is this all related? Vox may very well be a revival of the community bowling league, only online. Vox is like a blog software but a little more private, with some other cool features.

If you have ever thought about starting a blog, but don’t want creepy people you don’t know reading it, then Vox is for you. Its great if all you want to do is have a place to communicate with friends and family.

And Vox also plays well with others. For those who like video uploading services like YouTube and photo uploading services like Flickr, Vox will work with those tools and much more–all under one platform.

Vox is currently by invite only but set to debut to the world later this fall.

For more information on Vox, click here.