Happy ‘Cost of Government’ Day

By July 13, 2006General

Happy belated Cost of Government Day.

“Cost of Government Day”, a term coined by the Americans for Tax Reform, is the day in the calendar year when the average American worker has earned enough to pay off their share of all government spending and regulation. This year, Cost of Government Day was yesterday, July 12, one day later than last year. This, of course, represents a creep in the cost of spending and regulations at all levels or government, a discouraging trend.

We’ve said before that manufacturers are especially hard hit by the cost of regulation — as you can see in this chart — so it’s an issue about which we care greatly.

So you can begin work today anew, knowing that you’ve covered all the costs of government spending and regulation for the year, and hope like the dickens that this date starts moving in the right direction.

Here’s a link to the full report from ATR.