Global Warming Update

By July 14, 2006Global Warming

Late last month we wrote a short piece entitled, “Global Warming and the 10 Plagues“, about how the global warming-ites are tracing every one of society’s ills to the one degree rise in temperature.

Well, this week we have two new ones to add to the pile: It appears that warming will hurt the grapes in California, thereby wrecking the wine crop forever. (Hey, everybody already stopped drinking Pinot, right?). Wouldn’t you think that a degree or two might help the crops grow? Guess not — and it’s not hot enough to turn ’em into raisins, we guess.

And then this story predicts the dire consequence of trees growing in Antarctica due to global warming. As Tim Blair points out, trees growing in Antarctica is a bad thing, while trees growing elsewhere is a good thing. It really is hard to keep all this stuff straight, to know when to cheer for the trees and know when to boo their arrival.

In any event, we’ll add these to the list of stuff that we can blame on global warming — even, as it turns out, global cooling.

Kinda makes your head hurt, doesn’t it?