Global Warming: Two Articles

By July 5, 2006Global Warming

Two interesting op-eds today on global warming. One from Bob Samuelson in the WaPo entitled, “Global Warming’s Real Inconvenient Truth“, where he notes that the trouble with the global warming debate is that it’s become a “moral crusade”. On the Kyoto Protocol, he says this:

“Consider the Kyoto Protocol. It allowed countries that joined to castigate those that didn’t. But it hasn’t reduced carbon dioxide emissions (up about 25 percent since 1990), and many signatories didn’t adopt tough enough policies to hit their 2008-2012 targets. By some estimates, Europe may overshoot by 15 percent and Japan by 25 percent.”

Overall, he notes the world’s powerlessness to address the issue, and he’s probably right.

The other (posted at Real Clear Politics) is by the always-reliable John Stossel entitled, “A Convenient Lie“. OF the claim in Al Gore’s move about the melting glaciers — a claim repeated like a mantra in the mainstream media — he says:

“The movie features some majestic glaciers that existed in the 19th Century that have all but disappeared today — but it doesn’t bother to mention any of the glaciers growing in Norway, New Zealand and even the United States. The U.S. Forest Service reports that the Hubbard Glacier in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest is advancing so rapidly, it threatens to close off a major fjord.”

Two good articles — check ’em out.