Global Warming: The WaPo, Reliably Beating the Drum

By July 23, 2006Global Warming

More global warming stuff from the WaPo today in the form of an op-ed by Michael Grunwald. Might have had a teensy bit more credibility had it not been paired with another fawning piece on the jump page — also by (we assume) Gore voter Grunwald — entitled, “A Gore ’08 Bandwagon“, a sort of “Run, Al Run” piece based on his global warming street cred. So much for impartiality.

For those of you who saw the Grunwald article, we’ll just remind you of what you need to know about global warming, and also pass along some questions for Al Gore, next time any reporter gets serious about the topic. This piece re-heats (pardon the pun) lots of canards, assumes consensus and alludes to the hot weather in Washington as just so much more global warming.

Grunwald is a fine guy, we assume. According to his bio, he has been feted by the Society of Environmental Journalists. And so we moseyed on over to their site and typed “global warming” into their search engine. You can see for yourself — not a lot of balance or skepticism there, even though they say their purpose is — in part — “to…encourag[e] discussion and communication among journalists and the public regarding important environmental issues.”

Unfortunately for the Society — and for the WaPo — looks like most of the “discussion” remains one-sided.