Global Warming: It’s the Engineers, Stupid

Earlier today, Blogger in Chief, Patrick Cleary, blogged about today’s article on this topic by Robert Samuelson, a journalist who knows a thing or two about the workings of the economy. I’d recommend you read it, like Pat, did. His final analysis is that if we want to address rising temperatures, that only technology offers us an out. And technology is dependent on engineers who can redesign products and processes, sometimes with substantial reductions in the use of energy.

So if engineering offers us the best chance to change the future, then manufacturing is the place to be in if you are an environmentalist! Sure, you can become a lawyer and sue everyone into the Stone Age. But then what have you accomplished? Too many American parents today don’t encourage their boys and girls to become engineers and it shows up when we get down the road to college and post-graduate work. Why are over half the engineers graduated here every year foreign-born? Why aren’t more Americans going into this?

A former Chairman of The Manufacturing Institute said a few years ago that young people who want to change the environmental world should work in manufacturing. It was incredibly insightful and it is really what Samuelson meant in his article, although he didn’t say it that way. Using engineering talents in university and government research labs is another way to harness this power for a better future.