Friday Follies: Funny in Any Language….

By July 7, 2006Friday Follies

Friday FolliesWe stumbled upon this video a week or so ago. Not sure if it’s legit or not — might be a set-up — but it sure is funny.

This is not in English, but you can get the gist. It’s a talk show and the host is interviewing a woman who is in a wheelchair and who looks very serious. She is joined by a male companion who appears similarly grave. The host begins to question her, she answers in most serious tones. The looks on the faces of the studio audience — perched around the stage — also connote a most somber tone.

At some point, the male companion jumps in to speak, but his voice is abnormally high. From there, you can watch what develops.

Again, this might be a skit, not a real show, but it made us howl with laughter. As you’ll see, we weren’t the only ones. Click here to watch this week’s Friday Follies.