Friday Follies: Dress Kevin

By July 21, 2006Friday Follies

Friday Follies“I didn’t know what to wear,” said Kevin McCormick, “so I made a website.”

McCormick is a 22 year-old from Hoboken, right smack dab in the Cradle of Civilization. Having trouble picking out the right clothes to wear time and again — “fashion-challenged” in 21st-century politically correct parlance — he decided to start a website to enlist the help of strangers. It’s almost like an online “Queer Eye” where anyone can play.

On ““, you can see the weather and Kevin’s plans for the day and then pick from his wardrobe of shirts, shoes, pants and accessories. On shirts, you can choose from the brown polyester shirt (this is NJ, remember, where polyester is still king) or the “I (heart) NJ” t-shirt. He swears that he wears whatever people pick out for him, no matter how bad it might look. What they hey, when you have a brown polyester shirt, how bad could it be, right?

So click here to help dress Kevin. God knows he needs the help.

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  • Zobbie Zabbowitz says:

    Yes, Dress Kevin is a terrific site! I am just reading the blog for the first time in a while, and came across this. What a great idea. He needs our help!!