Doha Round Negotiations Suspended

By July 24, 2006Trade

The WTO Doha Round negotiations have just been suspended indefinitely. The NAM has been a strong supporter of a Doha Round that would cut foreign barriers to our exports, but not a Doha Round in which the United States cut its already small barriers and got little or nothing in return.

I just spoke with the U.S. Trade Representative, Ambassador Susan Schwab, who is in Geneva today as the negotiations are ending. I told her we were fully supportive of the President’s and her policies that only a Doha Round that really cuts trade barriers is worthwhile. She told me she remains committed to an ambitious Doha Round outcome that will enable us to achieve the goals established back in 2001 – a balanced negotiation that is win-win for all, including for American manufacturers.

The problem is that too many other countries are more interested in defending their markets than in exchanging more market openings. We fully support Ambassador Schwab’s insistence that there is no deal until others are willing to open their markets as we have opened to them.

My statement to the press elaborating on this can be accessed by clicking here.