Dobbs Watch: Who’s a Protectionist?

By July 26, 2006Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchThanks to our friends over at the Business and Media Center for passing this one along. Protectionist Lou Dobbs was interviewing Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND), who’s just written a book entitled, “Take This Job and Ship It,”, so you can kinda guess where that one’s going.

In any event, Lou, not wanting to look too much like the fix was in (he’s lost all semblance of balance, not sure why he’d care) felt obliged to say about Sen. Dorgan, “Senator Byron Dorgan is no protectionist. In point of fact, he is calling for expanded markets for U.S. exports…” It struck us as the trade equivalent of Junior Samples interviewing Reuben Studdard about his new diet book saying, “Reuben is not obese…”

Well, we went and checked Sen. Dorgan’s report card and in fact he has a NAM Vote Rating for this Congress of just 38%. He has opposed trade promotion authority, opposed Chile, Singapore & Australia, Oman and Central America Free Trade Agreements — even though they all opened markets for American manufacturers. Not sure how one would define “protectionist,” but the good Senator is certainly not voting like a free trader.

And Lou’s probably not a very good litmus on this one.

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  • Maria Hernandez says:

    First, I love Lou Dobbs. He is absolutely on target. The so-called free trade agreements, really illegal treaties, are part of The New World Order, Globalizm, Global Governement, whatever. Some jobs are constantly created in the USA but not becaise of any trade traty. The plan is to eventually have a global government and NAM knows that. They could not care less for the middle class. They only want to make money, even if it eventually destroys my beloved USA. Thanks

  • RyAN says:

    Keeep up the good work guys. Dobbs with a degree from harvard (has anyone checked that he actually graduated) should know better.