Death to SpamBots!

By July 20, 2006General

Death to what?

If you thought e-mail spam was bad…we get twice as much over here at Blog Central. That’s because in addition to our regular e-mail spam, we also get e-mailed a copy of every comment that is submitted when you use the “comments” feature on our blog.

Well, unfortunately, spam robots (also known as “spambots”) have siezed control of our comments feature and have sent us no fewer than 300 comments—all junk– a day!

While we’ve tried to put in a spam filter, the downside has been in its inability (occasionally) been how to filter out legitimate comments.

So, we’ve gone nuclear—we’ve institute a “image/number requirement thingamajigger”

We know that a lot of people hate these things…but its the onyl arrow we have left in the quiver…we think it will help improve the approval process for comments.

So, just wanted to give you an advanced notice on this new security feature.