Cool Stuff Being Made: The First Family of Fireworks

By July 4, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

fairfood.jpgTo commemorate the Fourth is this video of the First Family of Fireworks, the Zambelli family, proprietors of Zambelli Internationale of New Castle, Pennsylvania. We have seen many of their shows and they really are spectacular. When you watch the fireworks on the Fourth in Washington DC, you see their handiwork. They are the world’s largest manufacturer and exhibitor of fireworks. This company — nearing its centennial — is responsible for amazing shows from Presidential Inaugurals to Super Bowls.

This video is more about the company than the production process, but you do get some insight into the manufacture (by hand ) of these sensitive products in New Castle, the Fireworks Capital of the World.

So enjoy the Fourth and click here to see this video of America’s First Family of Fireworks and feel the patriotic manufacturing vibe.