Cool Stuff Being Made: How Sparklers Are Made

By July 1, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

fairfood.jpgToday begins the warm-up to the Fourth of July Holiday celebration. Sparklers are probably one of the most popular items for kids of all ages in celebrating Independence Day. This six and a half minute video tells a great story of Diamond Sparkler, an American company that fought back against illegal trade practices by China — and won. Yes, it shows how sparklers are made, too, along the way. “The symbol of American freedom”, they call sparklers in this video, and that’s probably true.

Here is a plant of 150 people in Youngstown, Ohio that uses 200 tons of wire per year (and this is really skinny wire, remember, so 200 tons of it is a lot of wire) and makes a million and a half sparklers every two and a half days. This is a fun video and a great story as well. We think you’ll enjoy it.

Click here to see this week’s video of sparklers being made and feel the patriotic manufacturing vibe.