Cool Stuff Being Made: How Baseball Bats Are Made

By July 8, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

baseballbats.jpgIn honor of baseball’s All-Star game to be played next Tuesday at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, we present another video from our friends at South Carolina Educational TV of the making of that American classic, the Louisville Slugger.

For fans and non-fans alike, this 9-minute video is fascinating. It traces the bats from billets (like small tree trunks) — made of white ash or maple — all the way through final sanding and branding. You’ll see the mass lathe and then the CNC lathe that cranks out thousands of custom-made bats for the professional athletes. The CNC lathe has pre-programmed requirements stored for each player. CNC — or computer numeric control — is in use in most manufacturing plants around the country, making all the latest stuff with computers.

So when you settle in to watch the All-Star game, you’ll once again be watching the handiwork of America’s manufacturers. Without us, there wouldn’t be much action on the field or off.

Click here to watch the video of Louisville Sluggers being made and feel the manufacturing vibe.

Batter up!

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  • Bernard Daczkowski says:

    I had visited the bat factory while at a veterans reunion in Louisville, had taken some pictures at the factory, but would like to know how I could get a copy of your video. Would like to show it to my grand children and great grand children as they get a bit older and also to some of my friends.