Who Cares — and Doesn’t Care — About High Energy Prices

By June 30, 2006Energy

As we noted below, the House voted pretty convincingly last night, 232 – 187, to finally allow us to tap our own resources in the Outer Continental Shelf. it is about 20 years overdue, but no matter. It’s done. Thanks to Resources Committee Chairman Pombo (R-CA) for his tremendous leadership and to Rep. John Peterson (R-PA) for his raw tenacity in getting this thing over the goal line. We still have the Senate to go, of course — no mean feat. But this is a moment to celebrate. There’ll be time enough for work.

With the House finishing their business, most of the Members will now be home for recess, living and walking among you. When they get a chance to talk about energy — or about manufacturing — to a person, they will curse the high energy prices and promise to do something about it. And if the topic turns to manufacturing, they will tell you they support it, yessirree.

Well, the truth is, we just had a little love test right her in the Congress. Here’s the roll call vote again. Please take a look and find your Member of Congress. If you have any trouble, drop us an e-mail, we’ll help you out. Then, once you find them, click on this link to get their contact information. Please give them a quick call to say “Thanks” if they voted to help lower our energy prices. However, if they voted against this bill, please let them know you noticed and that you will remember this vote at election time. And, if you’re a manufacturer, tell them you plan on letting your employees know as well.

It’s rare that you get a chance to see who’s on your side and who isn’t when it comes to keeping energy prices low and keeping manufacturing competitive. This is one of those rare times We hope you’ll take this opportunity to weigh in.