WaPo:’It’s Time to Allow More Offshore Drilling’

By June 28, 2006Energy

In an editorial extraordinary for its departure from their prior stance — and its unequivocal tone — the Washington Post today endorses the exploration of the Outer Continental Shelf as embodied in the DOER At. Says the WaPo in their editorial entitled, “An Outdated Ban“:

“For the past quarter of a century, the federal government has banned oil and gas drilling in most U.S. coastal waters. Efforts to relax the ban have been repelled on environmental grounds, but it is time to revisit this policy. Canada and Norway, two countries that care about the environment, have allowed offshore drilling for years and do not regret it. … Although balancing energy needs with the environment is always hard, the prohibition on offshore extraction cannot be justified.”

We and the WaPo are on the same side of an issue. Alert the media. It’s harmonic convergence. It’s the rapture.

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