Video Podcast of Cool Stuff Being Made

By June 9, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

We’ve been working the last few months to test out a new feature for Cool Stuff Being Made, the video podcast.

We’ve had a few false starts, but now we’re ready to launch as of today.

If you have a video iPod or similar portable video player, you can now download each episode of Cool Stuff Being Made, our weekly virtual factory tour.

Just add this XML feed into your aggregator or iTunes player and you’ll be all set. You’ll automatically download the most recent version when its posted. We’ve even posted the last few month’s editions in case you missed it.

This is in response to some people who do not have or do not like Windows Media Player. We’ll still continue to produce each weekly show in Windows streaming format. But now we’ll make ’em downloadable too (in mp4 format). This should satisfy just about every person who would ever want to watch our videos (PC, Mac, Linux, Unix).

Its also great because now, you don’t even have to be in front of your computer with Internet access to watch our videos…just take them “on the road” with your portal video player. Isn’t it great how technology makes life oh so much more simplier?

How many people do you know are offering their video content on a portal platform like the iPod? We think this is pretty high tech stuff and just another example of how manufacturers are innovating.

This day is long overdue and we’re thrilled that its working so, thanks, both of you, for your patience…we’re off the beach!

PS: Here’s a link to all of our feeds available, include regular audio podcast and category-specific feeds as well.