The Week Ahead: OCS, Again

By June 19, 2006Energy

No, this isn’t an old, post — it’s a new post. Just takes a while to get things done in Washington, that’s all.

The House Resources Committee will meet this week in an attempt to move forward a bill that allows exploration of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). You regular blog readers know this all by heart. Look at this chart first: We pay the highest prices in the world for natural gas. Then look at this one and see our vast reserves. Just click back and forth between them, see if you can make sense of it. Only the Federal Government stands between us and these supplies. You saw our report here last week about China finding a new supply of natural gas a fraction the size of what we have in the OCS. Do you think for a moment that they would restrict their own access to it? Of course not — yet we compete with them every day.

Stay tuned for details, but hopefully by the end of this week we’ll be closer to tapping our own resources.