The WaPo, Stuck in “Wrong” On the Death Tax

By June 22, 2006General

Here come the Mallabeans over at the Washington Post again, in an editorial today invoking the “abolitionists” once again (that would be us) and saying this about the death tax:

“Tax reform is supposed to make the future tax burden clear and predictable, not murky.”

Well, that part is right, and this is why we wanted it permanently repealed. But they think that’s a bad idea and go on to oppose the bill. No matter. Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds, after all. If you want to drop a note to the WaPo, click here. Here’s a link to the Key Vote letter we dropped to the Hill today and here’s a link where you can click and weigh in with your member of congress, to urge them to vote to lighten the death tax burden on hard-working small manufacturers.