The Boss Goes to the WSJ

By June 23, 2006General

Had a nice visit with a bunch of folks over at the Wall Street Journal yesterday. The boss went over to have a free-wheeling roundtable discussion hosted by Bureau Chief Gerry Seib and about 8-10 reporters. It was a great repartee, with lots of questions about the death tax, pensions, competitiveness, China, interest rates, immigration — OK, and a little politics, too. In other words, all the things that are on manufacturers’ minds, too. Gov. Engler handled it all quite well and, as usual, just flat enjoys the intellectual smorgasbord that these things naturally become. Keep an eye on the Journal pages, to see if any of this creeps into future stories.

In any event, thanks once again to the good folks at the Journal for the invite and the hospitality. Hope to do it soon again.