‘The Asbestos-Fraud Express’

By June 4, 2006Briefly Legal

There was an editorial in Friday’s Wall Street Journal by this title about some of the fraud going on in the asbestos litigation industry. Just unbelievable. This one happens to be in West Virginia, a state recently ranked #43 (that would be out of 50) in terms of legal climate. For those of you with abiding faith in the plaintiff’s bar, this story will shake it. Of course, no one has abiding faith in the plaintiff’s bar — if you don’t count abiding faith in the fact that they’ll be unscrupulous and money-grabbing. Remember Milberg, Weiss? Well, maybe the tide is turning against some of these toxic industries — law firms that suck billions out of the economy just to line plaintiff’s lawyers’ pockets — may be shut down by the Justice Department. We hope so.

In any event, ti’s a good editorial, concluding as it does, “If the Justice Department really wants to clean up the trial bar, asbestos-related lawsuit fraud is the mother lode.”

Apparently so.