The Art of Negotiation: A Shameless Plug

By June 10, 2006General

Remember a while back we told you that the blogger-in-chief was out at Stanford University speaking at the Stanford Breakfast Series on negotiations? Well, Stanford has now done the impossible. They have captured the blogger-in-chief — his image heretofore not detectable on film — on DVD. It is for sale through the Standford website. You can order one by clicking here. It makes for a lovely gift for dad or grad — or maybe for your favorite shut-in.

And, if you’re not of the video generation but prefer reading, you can always buy probably the greatest book ever written on negotiation by clicking here.

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  • blogger's apprentice says:

    —the greatest book ever written on negotiation
    +++have you ever heard of Herb Cohen> he wrote a great book on negotiation too.


  • Frank says:


    Hey, this is Frank, NAM intern from the summer of 2001. Yes, The Negotiation Handbook is a great resource-used it a lot in my work. I live out in LA now.

    Excellent blog, btw. I love your take-downs of Lou Dobbs. I remember watching him years ago, when he had an informative, perhaps staid,mainstream business new program. But when I check him out recently, he has morphed into some unhinged, Pat Buchanan-esque xenophobe. I guess the ratings pressure from Fox and MSNBC made him turn to the darkside…

    Again great blog, and I hope all is well in DC.