Tapping Our Own Resources: Vote Expected Today

By June 29, 2006General

Here’s an update on the various developments as we press to lift the quarter-century-old ban on tapping our own resources:

— Florida Governor Jeb Bush, on Capitol Hill yesterday, urged support for the DOER Act. Doesn’t get much clearer than that, when the Governor of the state that has birthed the most Congressional opponents speaks out in favor of lifting the ban. Here’s a radio ad the CAES has been running in Florida. Maybe it worked.

— Three of the sponsors of the DOER Act — Reps. Peterson (R-PA), Jindal (R-LA) and Melancon (D-LA), have recorded some actualities on the topic, making their case. They can be found at the excellent DOER Act site built by the House Resources Committee by clicking here. They also have a great “Myths vs. Facts” piece.

— To those who play on the hysteria about potential spills: First of all, natural gas — a big part of this bill — doesn’t spill at all. As for oil, even after two major hurricanes, not a drop of oil spilled. Here’s a fact sheet on that topic as well, setting the record straight.

— Finally, here’s a link to the Key Vote card we sent to every Congressional office yesterday, reminding them that this is a critical issue for the continued competitiveness of America’s manufacturers.

If you’ve not already done so — and even if you have — please click here to tell your member of Congress to support HR 4761, the DOER Act.