Spending Time in Hell (Hell, Michigan, that is)

By June 6, 2006General

A few months ago we pointed out that it was 01:02:03, 04/05/06. In that same vein, we would be remiss it we didn’t point out that today is 6/6/06. Call us weird but we’re fascinated by things like this.

What’s even more interesting is that in Michigan, the home state of NAM President John Engler, there is a town called Hell. In fact, as their Web site notes, its the only Hell in the USA.

Imagine, celebrating on 6/6/06 in Hell…

Here’s a link to an article about how the city is coping with all the newfound attention.

We sent the above article to the NAM’s Dana Cole who once was in charge of the Michigan Travel Office whose goal it was to encourage people to visit Michigan (maybe even Hell!). The following was her response:

You are very excited about Hell!

I’ve never been to Hell, but I understand it is quite the place. It’s really small but is always in the news for Halloween, which is celebrated in great style. There is also a Paradise MI in the Upper Peninsula so you can go from heaven to hell all in the same state!

Average temp in hell is probably about 20 degrees in the winter, 80 in the summer (yes, Hell does freeze over!). Not really hell-like. I’m sure all the mothers in laws have heard every joke!

. .

Another Michigan colleague in our office, LeAnne Wilson, also chimed in to remark that she once camped there.

As Davy Crockett once said, “You can all go to hell. I’m going to Texas.”

Happy 6/6/6 everyone.

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