Rep. Pete Hoekstra (MI-2)

By June 29, 2006General

Some interesting thoughts on energy from the perspective of the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Pete Hoekstra:

I’ll be voting for the DOER Act. This is first and foremost a national security issue. We get our il from Venezuela, Nigeria Saudi Arabia. Canada and Mexico are reliable, but from there, the neighborhood gets pretty ugly. This is not only an economic issue but also a national security issue. I hope we do more drilling, hope we do nuclear and renewable — and conservation. This will make us more secure and more energy independent. I applaud what the auto industry did, announcing that they are going to get to 2 million the number of vehicles that can use renewable fuels. This is hopefully the kind of step that will enable them to take a leadership position, take the lead on an issue of importance to the American people.

I’ve been to Nigeria, Saudi Arabia. I don’t want the economic future of the US to be in the hands of these countries. I want the future for energy to be in the US. We’ve been saying this since the oil embargoes of the 70’s. This time I think we’re going to be compelled to act.

There’s more investment in alternative energy as well. This is all good. That money needs to cycle through our economy, not leave our economy.