OTABO: A Manufacturing Success Story

By June 14, 2006General

We mentioned that when we were out in Las Vegas we met some cutting-edge manufacturers. One was Howard Shaffer, founder and CEO of OTABO Shoe Company in Florida. They won the Manufacturer of the Year Award in 2005 at this same conference, sponsored by Managing Automation magazine. Howard is the former head of Nike in China who has manufacturing in his blood. He came back here and started a mass-customization process for making shoes. That’s right, he has a factory that mass-produces custom-made shoes.

If anybody tells you manufacturing is dead in this country, tell them to go talk to Howard Shaffer. Check out his site, and you’ll see that manufacturers continue to lead the way in innovation — in Howard’s case, in an industry that folks wrote off long ago in this economy.

And, while you’re there, you might even want to pick up a pair of high-quality, American-made shoes.

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