New Survey of Small and Medium Manufacturers

By June 21, 2006Studies and Reports

From NAM Board Member RSM McGladrey comes this survey of 1,000 small and medium manufacturers on a wide range of issues, form the state of the manufacturing economy to their many cost pressures. You’ll find some optimism contained herein among manufacturers — although we must remind you that these are the manufacturers who survived the last recession, where we shed some 3 million jobs. Our small and medium manufacturers still face the stiffest global competition they’ve ever seen, but compete because they are the best manufacturers in the world.

You’ll see some info in here on health care costs, the cots of raw materials and energy and manufacturers’ investment in technology. Finally, you’ll see how many are not exporting, so there’s a great opportunity there. We work very closely with the Department of Commerce Foreign Commercial Service to help SMM’s export and many use the export portal on our website. However, from this study, it’s clear that not enough are doing it, and together with the Commerce Department we will renew our push. There are many markets out there for American-made goods, especially in countries where we have inked free trade agreements. They lower the barriers to entry for our stuff, so we need to be about the business of exporting into those markets.

In any event, this report has lots of easy-to-read charts and some good information for all SMM’s and for all who work with SMM’s. Click here to see the full report.