Mindshare Blog Event on Tuesday

By June 25, 2006General


The good folks over at Mindshare are having an event on blogging here in DC on Tuesday night at the Beacon Hotel at 6 p.m. The blogger-in-chief will be there, bloviating as usual, but there will also be other bloggers who actually know something about the topic, like Lindsay Czarniak, author of the 2006 Winter Olympic blog, and Nicco Mele, the strategist behind Rosie O’Donnell’s blog. So we’ll be in high cotton with all the hoi polloi, telling all we know about blogging. Probably won’t take very long.

Us aside, it looks like a good program. If you’re interested, here’s the form to RSVP, or you can call Mindshare at 202-654-0800.