Manufacturers Adopt Dog

By June 23, 2006Briefly Legal

snoopy.gifNo, this isn’t some sort of belated April fool’s joke.

We actually really have adopted a dog. A beagle, to be precise.

Since the name “snoopy” is already taken, we’re open to actually naming our dog a real name. So, i guess for now, we’ll just settle with calling the dog “beagle.”

Why a dog? Well, dogs like to fetch and find things. And they are really smart too! In fact, someone who is well versed the law might often be called a “legal beagle.”

Which brings us to the point of this post: We just launched a new web search engine called the “Legal Beagle” search engine. As The Boss has often said, we’re active in the Legislative and Executive Branches, and but somehow we have not been very active in the Judicial Branch — unless you count being a defendant.

And counting is important. Over the years, we have amassed an impressive track record of effective and influential advocacy for business, and there is growing interest in this case file. With this new system, anyone can now access this data base and quickly find the information sought.

You can find the case file you’re looking for by a variety of criteria – name of litigating party, the topic, the jurisdiction, or the year the case was decided. By entering more than one criteria, you can more specifically identify the cases you want to view. This system will greatly simplify the legal research function for anyone with an interest in business litigation.

Here’s a link to check it out yourself.

The Beagle has landed.