Legal Reform: Progress…?

By June 19, 2006Briefly Legal

Could it be that we’re actually making progress on tort reform?

Maybe so, according to this editorial in the Champaign-Urbana (Ill.) News-Gazette. It notes that there has not been a single class action filed in neighboring “Judicial Hellhole” Madison County thus far this year. (In 2003, 106 were filed there). It credits both the Class Action Fairness Act and the election of Lloyd Karmeier to the Illinois Supreme Court. Says the News-Gazette:

“Thanks to the electorate — and no thanks to the judiciary — southern Illinois’ judicial reputation has been greatly improved. That’s a tremendous endorsement of the power of the ballot box.”

Let’s keep this in mind as election day 2006 draws nearer. It’s a reminder both that elections have consequences and that we can make a difference.