Lefty Group Targets Starbucks: Call the Waaaaahmbulance!

By June 19, 2006Briefly Legal

Here come the fun extinguishers down at the Center for the Nanny State, the same folks who sued KFC last week — remember, these are the folks who couldn’t bear not to eat at KFC and so are now suing them. (Do they have standing or don’t they? In other words, did they eat the stuff ? If they did, aren’t they — gulp — responsible? If they didn’t, how do they have standing to sue?)

OK, so forget the legal niceties. They must’ve been discussing this down at the local Starbucks when they somehow realized that Starbucks was about the only place they hadn’t yet sued. And so they’re fixing to go after Starbucks with the waaaaahmbulance, suing them for making stuff that tastes too darned good.

Not sure we’d want to go to a party with these folks. Might get a little tired of the water and the rice cakes.