Intestinal Fortitude = Academic Excellence

By June 7, 2006General

We posted this piece a few weeks ago, noting the mixed bag that was the “Nation’s Report Card” from NAEP and the fact that there were gains in 4th grade, 8th held even and there were decreases in test scores for12th graders.

Well, now there’s good news for those 12th graders. As the WaPo reported on its front page yesterday, in some public schools in Fairfax County (Va) and Montgomery County (MD), you can pick up extra credit by not going to the bathroom. That’s right — if you don’t use your bathroom break hall passes, you can earn extra credit — 3 points for each one. It profiles one Daniel Thornton, a senior, who pulled his grade up from a C-plus to a B by trading in two unused hall passes for an extra six points. He now has a scholarship to Washington & Lee University and expects to be named valedictorian. What — did he have a motorman’s friend?

In any event, while we wring our hands over the state of education in this country, ask yourself whether the Chinese and Japanese are giving extra academic credits to the kids who don’t use the biffy.

God help us.