Globalization Hits Indiana — Again

By June 28, 2006General

Honda announced today it will build an assembly plant in Decatur County, Indiana at a cost of some $550 million. The plant is expected to employ 2,000 people. And, the ripple effect of that employment will be enormous. It’s why states trip over themselves to lure manufacturing facilities, for all the prosperity they bring.

We wrote about this back in March when Toyota announced expansion of an existing Subaru plant — also in Indiana. Honda’s announcement comes a day after the National Foundation for American Policy released its study on the enormous benefits of “insourcing” form foreign-based companies. Lou Dobbs, are you listening….?

Bravo to Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels for working hard to create a climate where manufacturing can not only thrive, but prosper. We hope the Governors of the other Midwestern states that lost out to Indiana are taking good notes.

Here’s a link to Honda’s press release and a fact sheet on the new plant.