Global Warming: Three (More) Strikes

By June 1, 2006Global Warming

A couple of quick links:

— The first is to an MIT paper on the limits of global warming models. It talks about how difficult it is to actually assess global warming accurately because of the many different things that have to be taken into consideration. According to the paper, depending on which computer model you use, the same place could be getting dryer or wetter.

— The second is to a Washington Times piece from April that we missed, entitled, “Scientists Cool Outlook on Global Warming.” The opening sentence grabbed us: “Global warming may not be as dramatic as some scientists have predicted.” Right. We knew that.

— And finally, this one from our friend and fellow blogger Clayton Wagar, an AP story entitled, “Scientists Say Arctic Once Was Tropical.” So much for global warming. What’s funny, however, as he points out, is how the global warming folks, through contortion and legerdemain somehow twist the story to conclude that it ain’t bad for their argument. Well, it sure seems bad if the globe cooled enough to take the Arctic from a tropical paradise to a frozen wasteland. It would seem to support the views of the many scientists who contend that climate patterns are simply cyclical over a span of hundreds of thousands of years.