Global Warming and the 10 Plagues

By June 30, 2006Global Warming

Watching CNN this week — blessedly with the sound off — we saw images of the brush fires in Sedona, Arizona. Under the video was a graphic at the bottom that said, “Warming at Work?” Mind you, this is during a week of torrential rains in Washington, causing media folks and lefties (but we repeat ourselves) to wonder aloud if it was global warming come to roost.

And so that set us to thinkin’ about just how many things might be attributable to global warming. Thanks to our co-worker, Carter Wood — and the Internet — we found a site that actually keeps track of such things. So check out this site — it’s a pretty impressive list if we do say so ourselves. Not sure all ten plagues are on there, but hey — we figure it’s just a matter of time. Maybe we should just e-mail them and make sure they include frogs, locusts, boils, the whole nine — or ten — yards.

It really is the new catch-all excuse. Next time you’re late for work, just tell the boss it’s global warming. Somewhere there will be a scientist to back you up. From there, consensus is just around the corner.