Global Warming: A Re-Heat of Information

By June 23, 2006Energy

“Everything old is new again”, goes the old song, and that’s true in spades for the global warming folks. Al Gore got a chunk of the first half hour on Good Morning America this morning to tout his theory — and his box-office flop of a movie– and talk about the new! study! just! released!, invoking the famed “hockey stick” theory.

Only problem is, it’s an old theory that’s been debunked, too. Click here to read all about it. And — by the way — ABC wants to know how global warming is impacting your life. Don’t know about you, but we stopped wearing cardigans. Oh, and our entire city just flooded, yeah. And we’re getting like a hundred hurricanes a day. And locusts. And frogs. And boils. Ick. Hate the boils.

We just wish this were less about hysteria and entertainment and more about science.