Friday Follies: Undercover Evidence of Global Warming

By June 16, 2006Friday Follies

Friday FolliesLucky for us, we have two faithful blog readers in the Iron City. Every now and then, they comment surreptitiously to us, not wanting to surface and thus besmirch the reputation of their fine company. We understand. If one can be judged by the company they keep, then fraternizing with us can only bring them down.

But in any event, these two women are pretty vigilant in checking the blog, know we post Follies every Friday and know we also write on global warming pretty frequently, and so they sent us this item earlier this week, noting in the subject line of the e-mail, “You can’t use this for the blog.”

Oh yeah? Who says? So we wrote back, asked them if they thought it was in really bad taste and they said maybe, but what the heck, it would be right at home amidst the rest of the detritus here on the blog .

And so we present to you this image, the first real photographic evidence of the phenomenon of global warming.

Al Gore, are you paying attention….?