Friday Follies: ‘The Evolution of Dance’

By June 2, 2006Friday Follies

fridayfollies.jpgThanks to one of our two regular blog readers, Ron Reisman, for sending this along. This has also been making the e-rounds of late, and the star of this video was on the Today Show this week, for anyone who could stomach the week of weepy goodbyes to Katie. But we digress.

This is a a 6-minute video featuring self-styled “Inspirational Comedian” Judson Laipply showing the evolution of dance. He looks an unlikely suspect for the dance moves, first of all, but they are hilarious — beginning with an Elvis tune, and running through rock and roll (and cultural) history, more or less, with stops along the say for “Kung Fu Fighting”, “Stayin” Alive”, a Michael Jackson song or two, the Oompa Loompa song, “Mr. Roboto”, MC Hammer, “Baby Got Back”, “Cotton-Eyed Joe, that weird Backstreet Boys (or was it ‘Nsync?) Marionette thingy, all the way up to “Hey Ya”. Along the way, he captured the dance moves of the era. It really is quite funny.

Since it’s Friday, and since all you young folks will be going out dancing tonight, we also provide this as a public service as well, in the hopes that maybe you can pick up some pointers. To the over-40 crowd, we add the standard disclaimer: Professional driver on a closed course. Don’t try this at home.

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