Erie Canal Part 3: Bruce Springsteen on the Erie Canal

By June 13, 2006General

If you have read my two blogs from the previous two days, you are definitely well educated about the impact of the Erie Canal on America’s maufacturing and our globalized economy. But you are not as well informed as you are today by reading the lyrics to Bruce Springsteen’s song about the canal, which follow:

I’ve got a mule, and her name is Sal,
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal.
She’s a good ol’ worker an’ a good ol’ pal,
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal.
We’ve hauled some barges in our day,
Filled with lumber, coal, and hay,
And we know every inch of the way
From Albany to Buffalo.

Low bridge, everybody down!
Low bridge, for we’re comin’ through a town!
And you’ll always know your neighbor,
You’ll always know your pal,
If you’ve ever navigated on the Erie Canal.

We’d better look around for a job, ol’ gal,
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal!
‘Cause you bet your life I’d never part with Sal,
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal!
Git up there, mule, here comes a lock,
We’ll make Rome ’bout six o’clock,
One more trip and back we’ll go
Right back home to Buffalo.

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