Death Tax: The Home Stretch

By June 8, 2006General

OK, we’re in the home stretch. The Senate is expected to vote today on permanent repeal of the death tax. Here’s a copy of our Key Vote letter that went to every Senate office yesterday. Gov. Engler had this op-ed in the Milwaukee Journal yesterday as well. Hope it sways the two senators there, Kohl and Feingold.

Finally, click here to tell your Senators to cast a vote for continued innovation, initiative, hard work and entrepreneurship. Let’s kill the death tax for good.

[UPDATE]: The Senate failed to invoke cloture today on this bill — in other words, failed to let this bill proceed to a simple up-or-down vote. The vote was 57-41, and they needed 60 votes to proceed. In other words, the minority frustrated the will of the majority. Very frustrating, but we’ll keep pushing for a vote. Here’s a link to the roll call vote. See how your Senators voted, then click on this link to get their Washington or District Office phone number and give them a call to say either “thanks” or “Thanks for nuttin'”