Death Tax: In Protest of Whiny, Limp-Wristed Crybabies

By June 8, 2006General

In response to the insulting and boneheaded WaPo editorial on Tuesday — saying that companies that had to be sold because of the death tax were simply an indication of “non-vibrant sons and daughters” incapable of managing the company — our small manufacturers have not held back. Here’s one letter sent to the WaPo by a real live manufacturer. Warning: It’s not for the faint of heart, but it sure is funny — and dead-on right:

Dear Post [Editorial] Writer:

I assume your family didn’t have the intellectual fortitude to leave you a viable business, or you didn’t have the fortitude to accept the challenge or they didn’t want you in the business because they saw in you a “non-vibrant son” your words. Either way, you obviously have no idea just how difficult running and maintaining a family business is and the problems with keeping it viable when death occurs.

I am the Vice President of a 101-year old Precision Metal Fabrication Company and I work my ass off. I’m not super rich, we reinvest to remain competitive, none of this was handed to us, we earn it every day. I do know how to turn a profit, it happens to be the only way a business remains in business. I would imagine a super smart guy like yourself went to collage, what the hell did you study?

Because of my efforts and that of my other “non-vibrant” brothers and our “non-vibrant” father and grandfather before us we are successfully employing almost one hundred people. These people rely on our “non-vibrant” leadership to insure they are able to support their families and pay the taxes that support our country.

To suggest that I, or that the millions of others like me are a “non-vibrant son” (or daughter) proves your complete ignorance and elitist arrogance. Who do you think you are? I know your type, you must be a miserable, whiny, limp-wristed cry baby constantly feeling sorry for yourself. It must hurt to look yourself in the eye and see the jealous and insecure weenie you are. I’m glad I’m not you! And you get paid for this??

A word of advice, get out in the world and participate in the game, you will get bruised, but you may also realize that what you believe is only true among those afraid to play.

Please drop a note to your Senators today to urge them to keep the death tax buried past 2010.