Death Tax: Conspiracy Theorists Abound at the WaPo

By June 21, 2006General

In his story about a potential compromise on the death tax in today’s Washington Post, Jonathan Weisman repeats the old canard, mentioning, “the powerful families that have bankrolled the estate tax repeal movement.” This is the same Trilateral Commission mumbo-jumbo used by Harold Meyerson in his misguided attack on the death tax a few weeks ago that triggered a barrage of letter from small manufacturers to the WaPo.

And so we ask again, do we look like “powerful families” to you? The death tax hits small and medium manufacturers particularly hard. As you can see from their many comments posted below (here and here ), these folks have worked hard for generations to build their companies. These companies supply livelihoods for thousands of people and — in the process — prop up many local economies.

So in that sense, yes, we suppose you could say they’re powerful. They power the economy. Don’t tax them to death, and beyond.